Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Break Snippets-Part 1

I will share some bits of our Spring Break over the next few days. I have so many pictures and stories that just aren't making their way into proper posts these days. So, snippets instead...

Biggest news of all,


One hen out there, amongst approximately eleven, started laying this week. She is giving us the prettiest eggs I have ever seen. Isn't it a beauty?

The first four eggs from our backyard flock were whisked,

mixed and stirred,

and combined with carefully chopped chocolate to make Jeff's birthday cake. We served it after a meal completely planned and prepared by these three chefs. Let me tell you, we were serious in that kitchen!

Except... when we weren't.

Happy Birthday Jeff.
Thanks for being born and for savoring every last bite tonight.


  1. Very exciting! I bet that cake tasted even better with the fresh eggs!

  2. I am also very glad Jeff was born! i am so thankful for Sully, Colyer and Minna!!!
    Love from Donna

  3. So great that eggs are coming. It does look perfect. Nice going ladies!!!!

  4. When I come in August, I hope to taste my first FRESH egg!
    Love from Donna/Grammie