Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sights Astride A 4-Wheeler.

With the landscape changing so quickly as we careen into Winter, I wanted to post some shots from a ride we took a bit back. It was before we knew snow was coming, like, the following week! We were still feeling Fall and wanted to be out in it.

The fam even got me on a 4-wheeler. My own, 4-wheeler. I almost kept up. I don't feel bad for being slow. I don't think many can keep up with those boys of mine anyhow.

I was more interested in taking pictures anyway. No green to be seen. Lots of dramatic browns and grays.

I am always amazed at how Roo just blends into the ground and the brush and the sand. That dog was totally meant to be a Kodiak dog.
We rode past the skeletons of the Summer invaders. Standing tall but, brittle.

And we played by the water. Made boats out of litter. Kind of yuck, but kind of cool.

The kids climbed hills and rocks that are clearing as the foliage dies away and gets ready to begin again in Spring. So much more room to climb. (More on my climbing monkeys to come.) All the trails are becoming more accessible, easier to explore.

This time last year, I was afraid of the trails and the rivers. I was always on the look out for bears. I am a Mama bear myself after all. This year, being out there, I am much more comfortable. Learning the ways of the area and it's wildlife over the past four seasons has made it possible to relax and really see everything.

I can enjoy it and see it all the way my kids do now.
That's the only way to go.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Have I thanked you lately for sharing the beauty of your world? It makes my day when there is a post from you in my google reader - really. Roo is a work of art and so are your boats - they are super cool in my book.

    xoxo michele