Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Mailbag.

Well, the chickens haven't had as many pen-pals as I had originally hoped.

But we have had many lovely, heartfelt notes from Miss Minna.
She is surely the most devoted chicken-note-writer.

But we had a surprise the other day!
Notes from Sully!

The above note is so awesome that if it's the last they get,
and their mailbox gets rusty, the chickens and I will be content.
And they will be happy enough to party for sure.
(Never when the boys are working hard at school though of course.)

With Minna around there will be no shortage of love notes though.

Sealed with love and lots of stickers and happy tape.
What more could a bunch of chickens and crazy me ask for?

Not much.

Happy Monday!


  1. This is precious. Just wanted to know if you are going to be in the path of the storm. You have friends here in NC that are thinking of you!

    xoxo michele

  2. Dear Trenery Chickens in Kodiak,
    I wish that I could visit you. Then i would be able to say Hi to Minna and her big brothers. You look so warm and protected in your coop.
    Love from Grammie Streeter