Thursday, May 21, 2009

An Intro to Two Rock Fire...

What was born in the year 1927, is selflessly dedicated, collectively volunteers hours on end and operates out of a teeny building over 100 years old? 

You guessed it, the Two Rock Volunteer Fire Department! (

Jeff (my husband), is just one of the wonderful volunteers of various talents and certifications that make up this much needed department. He is always waiting on pins-and-needles for that next call. I will never forget the day he got one of his first. He did a combat roll into his gear and in one fluid motion, disappeared backwards into the car with the door magically slamming behind him. Then he was gone in a cloud of dust and flying gravel.

Now that's passion and dedication. 

I never met a group of folks that care more about 35 square miles of land, people and history. It's a lovely thing, so I will be posting news and pictures of cool community events that involve The Trenery Fam and Two Rock Fire. 

Thanks for reading and have a good Friday!

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