Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bittersweet Birdhouse.

So Jeff and the boys made us a little birdhouse last year. 

All of us watched out the window as several sets of birds competed for it. Finally, one lucky couple won and started the work of nest building. For days one of them would be the look out and and the other would be off looking for materials. They created an intricate, tightly woven, cozy nest and we waited in hopes of seeing babies one day. Then our birdie friends up and left without notice. Now there was a beautiful nest, but no birds.. 

This year the same scenario occurred and another bird couple, very similar to last year, started their nest building. They worked and hung around for a long time. And one day, no sight of them. We took a peek in the birdhouse when we knew they had gone for good. This year there was a nest AND, four teeny blue eggs. So sweet, but sadly left behind. 

In time for next year, we want to find out why the birds are abandoning the house and hopefully to identify the type of bird. Jeff's theory is that it gets too hot for them inside. So, some mods must take place, extra air vents probably.

Maybe the third time will be the charm. Cross fingers for birds, a nest, eggs AND babies.

Have a good day!

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