Tuesday, July 16, 2013


So I am hoping that this will be my last lazy-style update.
I have piles of pictures and so many little stories to tell that deserve real posts.

Until then...

We took that sad, sad walk.

The one through our bitty airport to put Grandpa on a plane.
What a sweet visit we had.
Having our people here is unbelievably special.

Very hard to see them go.

Then, there was more market. 
Lots of interest in Sully's salmon stencil on painted wood blocks.
(Lovely, right?)

Fly tying.

And fly-fishing.
So... Many... Fish.
I don't really help at all with the process either.
Just the cooking and eating parts.

River crossings that Minna can do herself. 
The water is low and lingering.
(So are the bears it seems from some tracks we saw.)

This is the third summer that Minna has worn this dress. 
Hope she can wear it at least 5 more.
Summer color and twirly at it its prettiest.

Critters happy and gearing up for the fair.
Care for a blue ribbon, Hazel?

Or one for Gail, perhaps?

Embroidery is happening. 
Most days its just a few stitches here and there.
These callas are so close to being finished 
that I should be finishing it right this second instead of typing.

So close!
It will happen.

Happy mid-week to you!


  1. Love that you post for us up so late moms, love the pics. Two rock has been so foggy and over cast, only in the high 60's. burr. Miss you out here in Two Rock!

  2. We have our salmon in the freezer now too. Only difference is we get ours with a gill net. Aren't we having a great summer? I sifted compost today. Boy am I tired! N

  3. Lovely. That's a LOT of fish! Love that your kiddos are getting into the craft fair ideas!