Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spring Break.

Our first day of spring break, 2010.
Bodega, California.

Our first day of spring break, 2013.
Kodiak, Alaska.

That's today.
Quite a different feel, eh?

Just this weekend we were dreaming about our garden that was starting to show itself. 

We could see the beds! 

I made a list of seeds I want to order. 

Rainbows in the sky! 

I was bragging about seeing the ground and that the chickens actually came out of their coop because they could feel the dirt under their little winter wrinkled feet.

Brown and soggy, we all squished in the mud.

I really do take the weather as it comes here. My biggest fear about moving to the island in 2010 was not being able to cope with the cold and wet.

I more than cope. I love.

But there are times that I miss how my hair would get warm to the touch from the sun.

And how I didn't have to worry about muddy dog prints that often.

And how we got away with so few layers all year round.

When I long for California, 

I leaf through photos from our previous Kodiak spring times.

Just to see what is in store.

I re-read my own words.

Then, I am reminded all over again, why I love.

Happy-Happy Spring Break!

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  1. You've kept such a wonderful attitude about all the change--and I'm sure it hasn't always been as easy as it looks. So glad you've found a life to love there!