Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Swingin' In The Sun.

I don't have pictures of part one to this story, 
so I will set the stage...

Boys ask to go in the attic.
They say its a secret reason.
Mom says she wont open the attic door unless she knows the secret.
They admit they want climbing harnesses.

Mom shrugs and pulls down the door/ladder thing
 hoping spiders wont fall on her face.

Now onto the photo story...

Planning. Meeting in the trees.

Climbing up and down up and down.

Help a brother out.


Waiting for turns.

More swingin and mid-air spiderman poses.

Swinging close and almost taking mom out.

Turn for lil' sis!

"Thanks for the swing, Sully."

I am thankful for fun sunny days like this. Every day we get one makes me feel a little like it could be the last. For a while anyway. You feeling Fall start to envelope you?

Well, no matter the season, 
we are embarking on a whole new adventure out here tomorrow. 

And adventure, may be putting it lightly...

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