Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Plants and Animals (and wood)

An almost Fall whirl around the yard.

The garden.
I started.
I tried.
I was a little bit successful.
The wild bunnies were as well.

Next year, hoops.
Starting seeds earlier.

That's a broccoli!

Success and happiness with container flowers this year!
So much fun.
Will expand next year with home made containers.

The baby chicks are out!
Working their way into the order.

They are keeping away from their big sisters 
and sleeping under the coop.
I wasn't expecting that.
I will let them all figure things out as long as there is no bloodshed.

So far so good.

Yet another GIANT wood pile.
Waiting to be split and stacked.

That's all I have to say about that.

There has been some neat woodworking though!

Sully used a fancy saw and cut all  these pieces out.
It turned into a hanging fishing pole rack!

Isn't it pretty!?

Almost that time to put the poles away for the season.

Almost Fall.

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