Monday, August 20, 2012

The Grand Post.

It's quiet here.

Well, not really quiet. Its never quiet here. Its just a little empty feeling because most of August has been filled with visitors. Visitors bring noise and bustle and busy of the best kind. We did so much! Amazing how all of us, back together after so long, jumped right in where we left off.

Right back to it with morning routines.

Laughter and "the sillies".
(Four is a big year for "the sillies".)

Long walks where I am always the caboose.
Taking pictures and trying not to trip.

Movie nights and seriously salty popcorn. (Grampie...)

All the grandparents can picture our little place out here.
And we can close our eyes and picture them here with us.

I realized that if you come visit we will promptly put you to work! Grandma pruned and weeded. A lot. Grandpa dug a hole and helped install our new boiler. Everybody helped with the animals. Extra hands to keep the kids busy allowed chores to be done swiftly, and a date night to be had. (Yes, a date! Sushi, a walk and spiked coffee.)

Don't worry, we let our visitors relax sometimes too with some knitting or reading or fishing. I taught my Mom how to crochet and Jeff's Mom read up on chickens and just might end up with a teeny flock of her own. Chicken-love is contagious.

It really was a grand few weeks spent with the grandparents. We are still getting over the good byes. We all cried at the airport. (That is a lot of Trenery/Streeter folk crying at the airport.)

It's terribly hard to see Sully, Colyer and Minna cry that way. So different from a bee sting or a bruise. It's a pain inside. Yet, I am so happy they know and love their grandparents so much that they felt it though and through. 

Having our people here was the best way to spend the tail end of summer. What great memories for us. 

We just feel it though and through.


  1. Those good-byes are the worst sort of pain, but you're right: They're worth having if they mean the relationships are full of love. So glad you had such a wonderful time!

  2. So nice they got to fly out on the Tinkerbell plane! N