Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hair Cuts (Or Trauma. Depends Who You Ask.)

Don't let any of the goofy grins, smolders or mug-shots below fool you, this post is about hair. This summer, we had lots and lots of hair out here.

The deal was, the boys could grow their already longish hair all through summer but would need a trim before school starts. Seems fair to me. Especially because I said trim. Not buzz cut, or shave. Just a trim. Mostly to make it all easier to comb and stuff. I really like long hair on my handsome boys, but everyone needs some time in the barber's chair here and there. Right? 


(I love it! He says it's way to short.)


(I love it so much! He says its way too short.)

I don't feel like these are short haircuts.
Sure, shorter than before, but they aren't short.


They seem to be getting used to it.
I know they are getting used to easier combing.

They also both have staunchly stated that 
they are beginning the grow-out process at once!

And, Minna.

(after sleeping on wet braids.)

She just wanted hair pictures too.
Flashed me right back to 7th grade and my pink crimping iron.

So, if you see these handsome young men out and about, 
please compliment the hair...

I would really appreciate it.

They just wont listen to old Ma.


  1. Natalie...We just did the hair thingy here too. Hunter took off a ton but it still would be on the long side... (to my Navy brat brothers who were NEVER allowed to grow their hair pass an ear..., I think he told Hunter to put it in a pony). Hailey got hers cut again, shorter than I would like but she loves it...the beginning of the end of my control...sad! Tell the boys it looks great...and Minna that Hailey wore that wet braid hair ALOT! Trish

  2. Sully, Colyer and Minna- You all look Wonderful!!! Love from Grammie Streeter!