Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Some Way Better Mother's Days.

We woke up to this on Mother's Day.
(I know!)

By the end of the day it looked like this...

In between, this mom was a whole lotta sick.
Complete with an embarrassing spectacle of 
losing my stomach in the Safeway parking lot.

I love that story.

Here are some days as a mother that were so much more awesome...

Sully made me a Mom,  December 29th, 2001.

 Colyer came to us,  August 10th, 2004.

Minna arrives, (all 10lbs of her!) June 17th, 2008.
(She will be four next month, by the way.)

I love how I have that, 
"Whoa! What the...? Did i just do that?"  look in my eyes.
I really was shocked each time.

And amazed at my good fortune.

Hope you Moms had a beautiful, 
throw-up free Mother's Day.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Beautiful pictures. Sorry your Mother's Day this year wasn't quite so ... memorable in a good way. :) (Mine was great until about 9 in the evening, when I developed a severe earache that resulted in a burst ear drum. Maybe this is the year of icky Mother's Days!)

    1. That sounds terrible! Way worse than my day. All recovered now? Hope so. Sounds like mother's day re-dos are in order. ;)

  2. Natalie Honey,
    You are an AMAZING Mom! Love You So Much!
    from Your Mom!