Thursday, February 2, 2012

Illness And Hope.

Minna and Fwa have the Chicken Pox.
What are the chances?
Minna is taking very good care of her baby.
She looks much worse than she feels, which is a relief.

The very handsome boy below, feels way worse than he looks.
Bad enough that a doctor visit may be in order to find out what is up.

No fun.

We are always so healthy that it throws
me for a loop when illness creeps in.

He is wearing the 6th "Hansel" to come off my hook.
Looks so good on him. He likes it a lot.

I know this because he wore it to bed.

Speaking of hats, I am stacking 'em up for Craft Hope. Making totes next. The kids and I have had great chats about doing and making for others. They have been really affected by the fact that these will be going to kids just like them.

"It means a lot when you make things instead of just buying things from a boring store. It's so much better and like, it's like, special kind of. Really special." -Colyer

It clicked with them. I love that.

So, we will be just hanging out. Resting and healing.
Don't worry about us...

...soon everybody will be back to the normal, high-flying, busy business.

Hope everyone is well!


  1. Oh, dear, The Pox. Such a shame Fwa caught it too. :) Hope all are well soon!

  2. Please feel better!
    Love from Grammie Streeter