Monday, February 27, 2012

Head Cases.

This is a story of a headband, a face plant, a wig-thing and a hair cut.

Here is the headband. And the face plant evidence. She was trying to ice climb with a stick in the yard. (We have icy mountains out there!)

Isn't the orange headband pretty cute though? It's The Elizabeth. I made a navy blue one for myself and it doesn't flatter me like it does the girl. It was fun learning a new stitch to create that woven texture, so I will be making more.

We also made a Rapunzel wig. (The boys say it's a hat or a wig-thing.) Minna thought it was going to be a real hair wig, but quickly fell for her yarny one. That look is her "My-mom-makes-crazy-things-but-it's-awesome!" look.

She wore it to the store today. It's this pattern. Really quick and fun. I don't usually make things like this so I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

So much in fact, we started another wig-hat-thing today of our own design. Rainbow yarn, with super long loose strands all over and bangs like the ones I had most of my childhood. A full on rainbow wig-thing. You will see. We have a "Magpie Mohawk" (black and white) and a "Cousin Itt" on deck too.

Well, Minna isn't the only one with fun new hair...

I cut all mine off! A tad more than a foot. Gone. No regrets. I am sure I will just start the endless cycle of chopping and ridiculous growing out. But for now, I am really liking it shorter and lighter with a little color gloss for good measure.

Maybe I will go rainbow next.

Happy start of the week!


  1. Rainbow sounds good. :) Love the little Rapunzel!

  2. the Rapunzel hat is awesome!

  3. Honey, Your hair always looks glorious!
    from Mom