Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bits Of Out Here.

Happy mid-week!

Here are some shots that finally made it to my computer from the past, uh... lots of days. Most of the past days, I have spent ill. 

All better now.

There has been a pleasing balance of clear and rain.

Many minutes of knitting and playing "Guess Who" on the couch.

Sweet visits from neighbors, with gifts.

Busy, smiley boys. Steadily growing hair.

This one's older brother did an awesome yo-yo routine in a talent show. I would post the video but I can't expose my embarrassing shouting and cheering in the background to the whole world. Of course, being a proud mama I couldn't very well help myself, but that doesn't make it less mortifying. Plus, the crazy camera woman was dancing in her seat so the video is all over the place. Sur-prise.... the camera woman was me.


All canines are keeping warm.

Sewing a little here and there has been a nice break from all the knitting.

Also on the creative front, I have been really enjoying the November photo prompts at My Creative Space. I am joining in on instagram...


"Know Your Roots"

"Greatest Hero"

Have you had good times during the past lots of days?

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